Private villa for rent at Harani, Symi (Simi), Greece

dosekanisabig1How to get to Symi?

You can get here either by getting to Rhodes by plane and then using ANES boats to get to Symi, or directly through Piraeus by ship with G.A. FERRIES & DANE SEA LINES. The time tables of these services are not stable throughout the year. They usually change every month. .!

Symi (sometimes spelt Simi) is located in the Southern Dodecanese - it's nearest neighbour is Turkey just a few KMs away and it is around 64km from Rhodes. Symi has some very nice paths to walk (so as usual we have lots of photos of the paths, walls and buildings) and also a few KMs of moni paths but some of the latter are in a very poor state. There is no airstrip on the island, just a helipad, so the normal way to get there is by ferry either from Rhodes (catamarans/hydrafoils - 90 to 120 minutes approx) or by a much longer journey from Piraeus on the large GA ferries.

Yialos: The harbour area (actually there are two harbours) is really extensive considering the size of Symi island, this because it used to be a major trading centre for export of sponges and for shipbuilding. Although some of the houses are now derelict you can see that once they must have been very grand - this is especially noticeable on the Kali Strata. There is a regular ferry service from Rhodes and it is also served frequently by the longer distance ferries. The harbour area is well served with shops and tavernas.

Getting around. (bus/water taxi/taxis/car-hire).

Symi Bus simply does a shuttle between the harbour, the Old Town and Pedi - it is very reliable and continues the service up to 11PM.  There are five taxis on the island based usually at the harbour - the furthest trip you can make from the harbour is to Panormitis down the other end of the island which is meant to cost about 23 Euros - as usual though it is a good idea to confirm the price with the taxi driver before leaving. Also the taxis are used to ferry passengers to and from their hotels etc. so if you want to use one check if a ferry is due in or out and maybe book it in advance.

Water taxis run frequently out of the harbour to various beaches with Emborio, Ag. Nikolaos, Disalona and Nanou being charged at 5 Euros return - and Marathounda Bay at 10 Euros. There are plenty of "round the island" type day trips which start from the harbour as well.  Car hire is very expensive and varies apparently according to the time of the year - for instance we hired for one day so we could do a small series of walks and it cost 40 Euros - but two days previously the price had been 70 Euros (i.e. July+August rate). Considering there is, apart from the hop down to Pedi, just about only one tarmac road (to Panormitis) on the island there is not a lot to do in a car for more than maybe a couple of days at most. The tracks are quite often in a very poor state and looked to us to be only suitable for 4 wheel drive in most cases. The car hire company is by the bridge in the harbour - the petrol station is on the road along the front going towards Pedi and there is another petrol station on the left hand road nearly into Pedi.





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